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Mole Valley Green Burial Ground, North Devon

A natural unspoiled peaceful resting place for your loved ones

Terms & Conditions

Mole Valley Green Burial Ground is a wild, natural, environmentally friendly, unspoiled peaceful resting place for your loved ones.

Our Burial Ground provides a thriving habitat for  wild grasses, wild flowers, birds, insects and other wildlife. A tree is planted  after a burial or interment of ashes and the  Burial Ground will ultimately evolve into a mature woodland for perpetuity.  We leave the burial ground to grow on naturally through the seasons, we do some trimming back of hedgerows outside of the bird nesting months and mow grassy paths during the summer, other than that it is left to grow on to provide a natural, wild, unspoiled, peaceful environment in keeping with the surrounding beautiful Mole Valley and farmland.


With that in mind please note the following Terms and Conditions: