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Mole Valley Green Burial Ground, North Devon

A natural unspoiled peaceful resting place for your loved ones


A native tree will be planted on all burial plots; please note only one tree will be planted on adjacent plots.  The plots are arranged to allow enough space and light for the trees to grow.  Prices do not include the cost of funeral directors or grave digger.

The trees we provide are pot grown locally.  We plant the trees in the tree planting season (October -March) to give them enough space and light to give them the best chance of survival. There may be times when trees do not grow well and do not survive due to reasons beyond our control. If this happens we will replace with a sapling from our farm at no extra charge.

The grave digger we use currently charges £380 per Burial Plot.  We usually dig the plot ourselves  for interment of ashes and there is no charge for this.  However, if for any reason we need to use an external gravedigger to do this the current charge would be £70 (January 2021)